Melvin Evans Warehouses

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Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
Since 1974


About Melvin Evans Warehouses

We are a family owned and managed Industrial Park consisting of over 688,000 square feet of warehouse space on 30 acres of property. Melvin Evans built his first warehouse in 1973 and received his first rent payment for Building #1 in 1974. When he earned enough from Building #1, he built Building #2. Sequentially, he built his business to what it is today, largely on the principle of giving his tenants, (as well as his employees, friends, family and community), more than they expected. He was succeeded by his daughter, Mackye Evans, who continues the proud tradition of personally caring for each and every tenant. Thomas DePorter is privileged to be C.E.O. and Property Manager after marrying Mackye Evans' daughter, Julie. The family philosophy is that investment in quality maintenance of our property and personal service to our tenants insures lasting value. 

Owner: Mackye Evans

C.E.O./Property Manager: Thomas DePorter                                                           

Office Manager: Terri Miller

Senior Maintenance Engineer: Lynn T. Dies                                               

Maintenance Engineer: Rigo DeJesus